Preprinti IMFM

Avtor: Gašper Mekiš

1151: Sandi Klavžar, Gašper Mekiš: On the rainbow connection of Cartesian products and their subgraphs, 49 (2011) PDF
1149: Tanja Gologranc, Gašper Mekiš, Iztok Peterin: Rainbow connection and graph products, 49 (2011) PDF
1100: Gašper Mekiš: Lower bounds for domination and total domination number of direct products graphs, 47 (2009) e-sigma PDF PDF
1087: Sandi Klavžar, Gašper Mekiš: Independent dominating sets and idomatic partitions in direct products of four complete graphs, 47 (2009) e-sigma PDF PDF