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1201: Ali Reza Ashrafi, Jernej Azarija, Khadijeh Fathalikhani, Sandi Klavžar, Marko Petkovšek: Vertex and edge orbits of Fibonacci and Lucas cubes, 52 (2014) PDF
1185: Marko Petkovšek, Helena Zakrajšek: Solving linear recurrence equations with polynomial coefficients, 51 (2013) PDF
1112: S. A. Abramov, H. Q. Le, Marko Petkovšek: Polynomial ring automorphisms, rational (w, σ)-canonical forms, and the assignment problem, 48 (2010) PDF
1033: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek: Dimensions of solution spaces of H-systems, 45 (2007) e-sigma PDF PDF
961: Marko Petkovšek, Tomaž Pisanski: Counting disconnected structures, 43 (2005) e-sigma PDF PDF
960: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek: Gosper’s algorithm and accurate summation as definite summation tools, 43 (2005) e-sigma PDF PDF
959: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek: Solution spaces of H-systems and the Ore-Sato theorem, 43 (2005) e-sigma PDF PDF
892: Helena Zakrajšek, Marko Petkovšek: Pascal-like determinants are recursive, 41 (2003) e-sigma PDF PDF
860: Marko Petkovšek: Discrete boundary-value problems, 41 (2003) e-sigma PDF PDF
859: S. A. Abramov, H. Q. Le, Marko Petkovšek: Rational canonical forms and efficient representations of hypergeometric terms, 41 (2003) e-sigma PDF PDF
837: Marko Petkovšek, Tomaž Pisanski: Combinatorial interpretation of unsigned Stirling and Lah numbers, 40 (2002) e-sigma PDF PDF
827: Marko Petkovšek, Tomaž Pisanski: The Lah identity and the Argonauts, 40 (2002) e-sigma PDF PDF
806: Mireille Bousquet-Melóu, Marko Petkovšek: Walks confined in a quadrant are not always D-finite, 40 (2002) e-sigma PDF PDF
805: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek: On the structure of multivariate hypergeometric terms, 40 (2002) e-sigma PDF PDF
753: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek: Minimal decomposition of indefinite hypergeometric sums, 39 (2001) e-sigma PDF PDF
748: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek: Proof of a conjecture of Wilf and Zeilberger, 39 (2001) e-sigma PDF PDF
712: Marko Petkovšek, James Pommersheim, Irena Swanson: The Zarankiewicz problem via Chow forms, 38 (2000) e-sigma PDF PDF
711: Marko Petkovšek, Andrej Kmet: Gambler's Ruin problem in several dimensions, 38 (2000) e-sigma PDF PDF
710: Marko Petkovšek: Letter graphs and well-quasi-order by induced subgraphs, 38 (2000) e-sigma PDF PDF
687: Mireille Bousquet-Melóu, Marko Petkovšek: Linear recurrences with constant coefficients: the multivariate case, 38 (2000) e-sigma PDF PDF
661: Sandi Klavžar, Alenka Lipovec, Marko Petkovšek: On subgraphs of Cartesian product graphs, 37 (1999) e-sigma PDF PDF
591: S. A. Abramov, Marko Petkovšek, Anna Ryabenko: Special formal series solutions of linear operator equations, 36 (1998) e-sigma PDF PDF
584: Marko Petkovšek: The irrational chess knight, 36 (1998) e-sigma PDF PDF
583: Andrej Bauer, Marko Petkovšek: Multibasic and mixed Gosper's algorithm, 36 (1998) e-sigma PDF PDF