Preprinti IMFM

Avtor: Aleksander Vesel

1200: Aleksander Vesel: Linear algorithm for Zhang-Zhang polynomial of catacondensed hexagonal systems, 52 (2014) PDF
1115: Aleksander Vesel: Embedding of complete and nearly complete binary trees into hypercubes, 48 (2010) PDF
1104: Aleksander Vesel: On the Fibonacci dimension of partial cubes, 47 (2009) e-sigma PDF PDF
779: Sandi Klavžar, Aleksander Vesel: Computing graph invariants on rotagraphs using dynamic algorithm approach: the case of ..., 39 (2001) e-sigma PDF PDF
681: Aleksander Vesel, Janez Žerovnik: Improved lower bound on Shannon capacity of $C_7$, 38 (2000) e-sigma PDF PDF
632: Aleksander Vesel, Janez Žerovnik: How good can ants color graphs?, 36 (1998) e-sigma PDF PDF
611: Sandi Klavžar, Riste Škrekovski, Aleksander Vesel: Square-edge graphs, partial cubes and their subclasses, 36 (1998) e-sigma PDF PDF