Preprinti IMFM

Avtor: Aljoša Peperko

1203: Roman Drnovšek, Aljoša Peperko: Inequalities on the spectral radius and the operator norm of Hadamard products of positive operators on sequence spaces, 53 (2015) PDF
1199: Vladimir Müller, Aljoša Peperko: On the spectrum and the spectral mapping theorem in max algebra, 52 (2014) PDF
1164: Aljoša Peperko: Bounds on the generalized and the joint spectral radius of Hadamard products of bounded sets of positive operators on sequence spaces, 49 (2011) PDF
1135: Marko Kandić, Aljoša Peperko: On the submultiplicativity and subadditivity of the cone spectral radius, 48 (2010) PDF
1126: Aljoša Peperko: On the continuity of the generalized spectral radius in max algebra, 48 (2010) PDF
1103: Aljoša Peperko: On the functional inequality for the spectral radius of compact operators, 47 (2009) e-sigma PDF PDF